Life and love in the A.C. age

Cooped up in the apartment in the A.C. age (After Corona, not A.D. anymore, as this thing seems to be the new marker of our lives) my mind wanders. I vacillate between giddy and doomsday. I wonder about every aspect of life and love and how it will all change, has changed, may forever change. […]

Communicate Better in Difficult Situations

Whether in love, at work, as parents, or friends, when we understand our own and others’ personality traits and what motivates our engagement tactics, we can easily predict and overcome most of the common pitfalls in relationships by learning to communicate better. Creatures of habit don’t communicate better We are creatures of habit whether we […]

Social Relationships in a Pandemic: Remember the Cocktail Party

Can you have social relationships in a pandemic: yes, it’s possible! No, I’m not kidding. Remember when we went to parties? Remember when our social relationships didn’t require masks (and fear) first? I’m still adjusting to social relationships in a pandemic.  I’m watching shows that depict people out in public mingling and touching without gloves […]


What will President Biden do? A Five Archetypes Prediction

Have you been wondering what President-elect Biden will do once he takes office? What will President Biden do about this, what will President Biden do about that… Or maybe not. Are you still fixated on what the current president will do about this and that?  Well let’s lighten it all up a bit, shall we […]


The Secret Behind Why Trump Won’t Admit Defeat 

Perhaps you’ve worn weary of the endless speculation of what the president will do and say next and why Trump won’t admit defeat in the 2020 election. Unbridled force, determination and an obsession with winning are all really good attributes… when you’re trying to get a bunch of people out of a burning building. Not […]

My New Chapter in Troubled Times

Troubled times call for new beginnings. And it’s safe to say these are troubled times. Welcome to my new chapter, one written during our generation’s most troubled time. Emerging from the shock, upheaval and gut-wrenching change brought about by a pandemic we still seem to struggle to get our minds wrapped around, I’ve arrived here […]

Triggers that send us spiraling

“Carey.” Who would ever think my name would be a trigger. Just hearing the word in that tone would send me spiraling. My sister’s tone had that familiar there she goes again quality that made my face automatically snap into its ewww that smells terrible expression. Her eyes bored a hole into my forehead as […]


Coronavirus on the move, build emotional resilience

Remember when we first started to shelter-in-place? We thought maybe two weeks. We looked at the newfound opportunity with time and after the initial panic subsided, we tried to do things to build emotional resilience. Then weeks turned to months. We realized masks were going to be a permanent-ish part of our lives. Many businesses […]