Team Building

Empathy Within Company Culture Unleashes Potential

The five archetypes system is to company culture like WD40 is to a rusted hinge. The oil of the gears, so to speak is the ability to naturally raise empathy between among staff and management.

Let’s take a quick look at just how this works.

Company culture improvement plans will only succeed if we remove the obstacles our people have to learn them.  Do you know your people’s obstacles?  It is critical to business success today to understand that our people have vastly different obstacles to expansion and growth.  When leaders know what these obstacles are, things get done at work 100% better and faster.

But if you’re not aware, if you don’t understand how a person “ticks,” so to speak, empathy will be low as well the cooperation necessary for teams to thrive. Instead, through empathy you can drastically improve your company culture in authentic ways.

Building company culture and empathy

Here’s an example you can try for teaching empathy at work to improve your company culture.  Empathy in the workforce is hot right now, but success starts with knowing and then leveraging your relationship to empathy.  Once you get it, only then will you rock at building it.

Learn your primary archetype with my free assessment.
Find your primary archetype in the list below to learn how you engage with and improve empathy.

  • Fire – You may be having too much fun to notice what others need.  Exhale when you’re in a conversation with someone who needs something and transform your overactive excitement into active listening.
  • Earth – You are the natural empathizer.  Watch out for when you over-empathize with others and under focus on your own needs.  To improve, try saying, “Let me get back to you,” instead of saying yes right away when someone asks for help.
  • Metal – You like to help.  You can get stuck thinking your way is the only way a person can improve.  Encourage self-growth in others by asking, “How have you dealt with this type of situation before?”
  • Water – You are a wise sage and like to help out over a period of time.  Watch out for times you get aggravated at someone for not taking your advice.  In those moments, get into a forward-thinking mindset and ask them to tell you more about their solutions.  You can add value that way.
  • Wood – You love to coach and move fast toward resolving conflict.  You love delegating and ensuring things get done.  Watch out for times when you lack the patience to give someone ample time to process the ideas you offer.

The Five Archetypes organize information about you, your team, and your environment quickly so you can easily predict and understand obstacles and transform them into better plans and improved processes.