My professional work is blended with my unique abilities to see deeper levels of what’s going on with people. I draw upon Reiki, intuitive insight, and the insights of the Five Archetypes to offer holistic treatment. In a single session, I’ve seen people become unstuck, anxiety dissipates, relationships change. So after several years working with clients in the Five Archetypes, my life and work culminated in this book, which allows me to help far more people than I could from my office. 

These are ancient truths about ourselves and others, the core elements of personality that I believe make us fully human. They have been helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives with better relationships for thousands of years. The Archetypes — fire, earth, metal, water, wood — and the way they interact, provide understanding into self-awareness and ultimately self-mastery.

I first evaluate the scores, then listen to the challenge and look at patterns, then create a custom framework of physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Yes! Resistance breeds suffering—if you’re in conflict and you resist what you need to do to grow you only exponentially increase the amount of suffering you and those around you experience.  

Find what sparks your soul and makes you feel expansive. Tap into your own intuition and do what feels right.  Don’t be so easily swayed by what product has the biggest marketing budget, or what company has the best PR connections.  Listen to your own voice.  Nobody knows your company and your issues like you do.  Choose the remedy that you know in your gut will work for you.

Work life is becoming flooded with high-conscious leaders who are ready to step into progressive ways of building sustainable workforces.  Old methods are underperforming.  Suffering only happens when you’re hanging on to old patterns and ways of interacting with your own internal stress patterns and with your interpersonal relationships.  The only way to make a shift is through dedication to a temperament-based systems model that is based in dignity, compassion and creativity.  Otherwise, you will continue to repeat behaviors that keep your people and your company lagging behind.  We’re being called upon to do better than that right now.  In a time of increasing uncertainty, morale is at stake and driving growth requires innovation and transformation that is well beyond what we ever expected to manage. 

The Five Archetypes is best for people who want to learn to create rather than react.  It is for progressive individuals and CEOs with transformative visions—the Five Archetypes is a method to liberate you from being stuck in old, one size fits all paradigms that have held you, your relationships or your company back.

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