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Leaders Struggle to Identify Early Signs of Burnout

Leaders are struggling to identify the early signs of burnout.  Almost every leader I’m consulting for right now is challenged by the same three things:

1 – Unwanted turnover is at an all time high
2 – Managing constant turnover keeps them from strategy, planning and sales
3 – Burnout is the #1 cause of unwanted turnover

The problem is, frighteningly few leaders know how to notice the true signs of early burnout in their people. If they were more aware of these initial clues, leaders would be launching initiatives to prevent burnout and gaining back all that precious time to nurture and grow their businesses.

Because I like seeing you all succeed, I’m going to give you a little gift. Check out these early signs of burnout by archetype.

You can find out your primary archetype here: Then look below to see exactly what it will look like when your archetype begins to move toward burnout. Share your scores with your team so you can be more empathetic to your shared needs for self-care and self-regulation.

Check out these early signs of burnout by archetype:

Fire – over promise and panic about delivering
Earth – hold too many brainstorming meetings and don’t get started
Metal – takes too much time evaluating needs, holding up progress
Water – thinks too much about solving problems and doesn’t share thoughts
Wood – pushes several agendas forward at once without taking time to enjoy accomplishments

Leaders are well aware that being proactive in business leads to wins.  Take a little time to study up on how to be proactive with your team’s wellbeing.  A small amount of effort on the front end will save you a tremendous amount of suffering in the event of a revolving door of turnover.

Now go be good to each other.

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