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Three decades in human relations and integrative health has taught me this: 

We are multifaceted beings and success happens when we shift—body, mind and spirit—into a growth mindset.

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We’re all familiar with places where we chronically get stuck. This can show up in ourselves, our teams and our work cultures. Certain circumstances, clients or colleagues drive us up the wall. Oftentimes in response our defenses and our armoring go up. Instead of working from a place of openness and possibility, we work from a place of closure and rigidity.

Carey gives us permission to get deeper with ourselves to find out what is really holding us back. Her whole-self approach, adapted for workplace settings, provides a non-threatening container for exploring our intrinsic nature: our strengths, our challenges, our passions, what we avoid, what we cannot tolerate, how we cope in stress, what personalities push our buttons and who’s buttons we push.

Leaders who engage with Carey consistently report meaningful and sustained improvement in management skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, conflict resolution and easier access to innovative and creative ideas.

Begin now. Take the assessment and discover your five archetypes.

Our Services

Five Archetypes Coaching

Improve communication, relationships and gain self-mastery.  Five Archetypes assessment outcomes determine an individual framework for your growth within the context of your specific challenges.  Get customized holistic wellness plans, relationship maps, training and development guides and growth mindset strategies. 

  • Length of session:  50-minutes
  • # of sessions:  4, 8 or 12 sessions
  • Frequency:  1 x / week


Holistic Health Coaching

Balance your body-mind-spirit wellbeing with a combination of Ayurvedic nutrition and energy alignment techniques.  Gain control over how you engage with disappointment and exponentially improve your ability to thrive at work and at home.

  • Length of session:  90-minutes
  • # of sessions:  2 sessions
  • Frequency:  Bi-weekly


THANK YOU!!! The workshop was really wonderful – warm, welcoming and insightful. My only regret is not having it last longer!

Ronni Favors

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Rehearsal Director

Carey is improving lives immediately and dramatically through her explanation of the five archetypes and the way that she helps people understand them.

Vanessa Cornell

NUSHU Society Founder

The Five Archetypes were a hugely valuable insight for our MBA Social Impact Fellows. The assessment, and Carey’s wise interpretations and guidance, helped these young professionals thrive in a extremely difficult context.

Nell Derick Debevoise

Founder & CEO Inspiring Capital

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