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My New Chapter in Troubled Times

Troubled times call for new beginnings. And it’s safe to say these are troubled times.

Welcome to my new chapter, one written during our generation’s most troubled time. Emerging from the shock, upheaval and gut-wrenching change brought about by a pandemic we still seem to struggle to get our minds wrapped around, I’ve arrived here in a strong place, ready to continue to build on my life’s work in significant ways.

Today you’ll notice my new “office” here at Of course, it’s a virtual one. Life is virtual these days, right? More than any of us ever would have guessed or wanted. 

But is my new chapter, a dedicated space that harmonizes more than two decades of my professional experience into a single focused purpose: My work is to “optimize” our human potential. This is often said in a quirky way with a hashtag #mybestlife and all kinds of interesting (and curious) definitions of what that looks like. But we do, in the end, want to maximize our human potential, to fully live out the lives we were born to lead, right? 

That is my work. My passion. My calling. When we optimize our lives, we emerge from even the most troubled times with a sense of accomplishment. We’re better human beings to ourselves and others. We fulfill our dreams. Even, and perhaps, especially, when those dreams seem to come crashing down around us. 

Mine did, or so I thought, the day I shuttered Tournesol Wellness without any idea when it would re-open. Six months later it hasn’t re-opened yet. As I continued to explore options with my landlords and other partners to find a way to bring that space and all it contributes as “an oasis in the heart of the city” roaring back to life, life kept working against us. A second wave? Are you kidding me? 

In the end, reopening became not only onerous, but irresponsible. How do you have a place for community and wellness when gathering is a threat to health? The day came recently when I knew it was time to say good-bye.

In the meantime, a new chapter, my new chapter, emerges. And it’s all about helping you find your new chapter as well. Because it’s clear, isn’t it, that there is no longer any more going back to what once was.

My new chapter requires a brief look back

I am excited about how my business and my personal work has evolved, even through this brutal year of upheaval. Resilience is a key part of my Five Archetypes work and it has certainly emerged more in me than I ever imagined. 

But before I charge ahead, I need to pay attention to the quivering sadness I’ve carried the last few months. Because the fact is, I miss my pre-COVID-19 life. It’s tough to write a new chapter when you keep going back and reading the old one.

I can’t help it. I know life is ever-changing, but I loved my life as the CEO of Tournesol Wellness, going to work in a place I created with people I loved. I called it pop rocks and soda, in an article I wrote shortly after the COVID-19 first shut us down.

I miss my life as it was. It was predictable. I had a plan. I had a routine. Well… a fiery, loosely held routine, but a routine after all. I got up at 6 a.m. and on days I didn’t have to walk the dog, I’d meditate. I caught the bus to the Metro North at 7:55. The bus driver always greeted me with a “buenas dias.” On days I took a later train and he saw me on the street he’d honk and wave. I didn’t realize how significant these small connections were to me.

That was my every day

Tournesol provided a steady flow of the most lovely humans ever. All the other practitioners were heart-centered and generous with smiles and “how are you’s.” The sun shone like a razor beam through the back windows right on cue around lunchtime. Fresh flowers adorned the little tables in the lobby and inspired life and potential and initiation of new ideas and possibilities.

My work in the Five Archetypes lifted me. I loved working one-on-one with people in my office. Ah…I miss my office. Was it even 10 x 10? Maybe just under. My desk is cream and speckled light green and gray on top. It has two drawers I clean out twice a year. They need more regular organizing, but tidying up is not my bailiwick. 

I am always most fulfilled when I connect and help someone understand themselves in a way that helps them solve their own challenges. Teach a man to fish, right? I miss sitting in my office reviewing Five Archetypes scores with people. If you’ve sat with me you know my doodles during these sessions. Circles, arrows, lines, scribbles, words, symbols.

It’s funny that most people asked to either snap a photo of my page or asked to take it with them. It was a reminder of the wealth of Five Archetypes guidance to lead them to release states of stress and instead to soar.

With every minute that passes these days, my pre-corona life becomes less and less vivid. I can recall moments and images and feelings, but the pictures are a little worn. The images fade a little the way an island disappears into the horizon as you float further and further out into the sea.

Troubled times are not stopping me — time to turn the page

What will history show when we look back at the year 2020 and the dramatic challenges that we encountered? What will we say to those who come behind us, our kids, our grandkids, the people we mentor, and all those who look to us now to solve the world we live in? 

I will say this: I wouldn’t let a pandemic stop me from what I’ve felt in every fiber of being for almost a decade. I’m here to do my part to unleash human potential in every circumstance I can. is built on this bedrock. Whether I continue to do virtual seminars and distance energy work or whether I soon get to start to combine that with human encounters that I once found so fulfilling, it doesn’t matter. The work continues. In fact, in these troubled times it’s stronger now that it ever was because it’s needed now more than it ever was before! 

I hope you’ll take a look around my new virtual office and find the many resources I’ve put here for you to grow and thrive. We’ve just scratched the surface. A new library of resources and videos will be on this site before long. I have online classes that allow you the flexibility to grow even as you juggle all of life’s demands. 

This new chapter is thrilling, even as all the unknowns feel shaky sometimes. You know, all that “fear of the unknown” stuff. But what I hold on to—and what I am unwaveringly sure of—is that the Five Archetypes will drive change in this new world. 

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Let’s write your new chapter, even as I continue writing mine.