101- Introduction Archetypes

So you’re a Fire Archetype!

When Fire is your primary archetype, its incandescence directs the way you interact with your environment.

When Fire is your primary archetype, its incandescence directs the way you interact with your environment. You share the gifts of joy, optimism, possibility, and vivacity with the world.

Fire is the dancing energy inside you that craves fun, excitement, entertainment, romance, and intimacy. As a primary Fire, you tend to go through life wearing those proverbial rose-colored glasses. You have unfettered access to the most powerful of the Fire behaviors. When you’re feeling on top of the world, the essence of the Fire archetype precedes you when you walk into a room. On the other end of the spectrum, insecure Fire thoughts and behaviors rule the way you experience and engage with stress.

Primary Fire types live their highest spiritual purpose through inspiring joy in others and creating a safe environment in which others can freely and openly express their emotions. With a glass-half-full outlook, Fire will always remind you that things will surely improve. Fire types endeavor to ensure that others feel happy and upbeat as well—never forlorn or hopeless. Fire is driven to teach that getting stuck in the mire of negativity will drag you down and make it hard to live your best life. Fires hope that as a result of these efforts, others will begin to model positivity even in the face of disappointment, fear, and worry.

Fires who feel grounded, self-aware, and secure in who they are will embody distinct traits in their physical, mental, and spiritual being. Physically, Fire types delight in fun, frolic, relaxing, and playing. Mentally, Fire types maintain a strong sense of emotional awareness, flexibility, and balance. Spiritually, Fire types embody and share the gift of joy even when sad things happen that are out of our control.

When your primary archetype is Fire, you’ll also exhibit specific inherent capabilities and attitudes. These patterns persist and are expressed in your personal behaviors, the self-care activities you favor, and the way others perceive you.

Here are a couple of basic Fire archetype indicators to be aware of: When feeling resilient, a primary Fire person serves as a source of optimism and hope for their own life trajectory and for that of those around them. On the other hand, when feeling insecure, the Fire type becomes over-sensitive and tends toward panic and anxiety. Chronic anxiety is known to have significant health implications on the body over time. This is why it’s important for Fires to recognize when it’s time to self-regulate, rather than react in a maladaptive manner when faced with challenge. Sometimes we become so caught up in our dysfunctional thoughts and belief patterns that we can’t easily distinguish between what we believe to be rightful action and what is actually panicky, reactive behavior.