Test Lab

The Five Archetypes results uncover:

  • A snapshot of how you perceive yourself and others.
  • A map for making harmonious decisions in interactions, especially when you’re upset.
  • Simple steps to build good relationships, cultivate new habits, and gain control of your self-care.
How to use your Five Archetypes results:
  • Notice the order in which they fall from highest to lowest. You may have ties, which is fine!
  • The numbers are indicators for how you perceive yourself and make meaning of your environment, which is the first step to building self-awareness. The numbers do not imply positive or negative results.
  • Bring your results to 5A Courses, Workshops and Coaching sessions! They are your framework for building new skills and making empathetic and growth-minded decisions.
  • Your results show us how to customize your path to growing new life skills, gaining healthier habits and cultivating stronger relationships. There is no benefit to comparing your results to others’ or to thinking about changing, or improving them.


The assessment takes about 10 minutes. As you consider how to rate each phrase, be careful not to fall into the trap of “I should.”

Instead, pause and reflect on how frequently in the past three months you have felt aligned with each statement. The more accurate your answers, the more spot on your personalized action plan will be.

Upon completion, a link to your results will be emailed to you. Follow the link to find information about your archetypes, such as stressors, gifts, and more, which will enable you to apply your results immediately.

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