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What I Learned About Unconditional Love From Tony Robbins

Ever go for that second cup of “joe” on a Monday morning, because you need an extra jump start to the week – when – BAM! – you receive insanely incredible news and realize, “Whelp!…I really didn’t need that second cup after all!”

I certainly didn’t need my second one this morning!  Tony Robbins gave me the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up and I want to take a moment to thank him and his entire team.

This morning Tony Robbins shared my Five Archetypes wisdom and assessment in his newsletter, inviting his incredible community to dive deeper into discovering:

*Who You Are
*How You Cope
*What You Need to Build Fulfilling Relationships

What I Learned About Love
While the Five Archetypes is a transformative method for relationship mastery, today I want to share something really powerful I learned about love from Tony and his wife Sage.

Last October I was humbled to have been invited as a guest to speak about the Five Archetypes of relationships at a Tony Robbins event. The experience was top notch! The participants were engaged and curious. The space was spectacular and Tony and Sage were the pinnacle of a couple aligned in love and unified in purpose.

As the week unfolded with incredible speakers and experiences, Tony and Sage demonstrated in essence exactly how a couple embodies the organic dance of unconditional love. It was impactful and powerful. Period.

From a Five Archetypes perspective, their bond works so beautifully because they balance their different primary archetypes (Tony is Wood and Sage is Fire), with a strong dose of the magic of the Earth archetype. And this is the very gift they taught me that week – just how powerful it is to witness esteemed role models incorporate Earth into their love for each other.

Their ability to honor Earth in their relationship is a key to success many relationships need today.  Incorporating Earth means slowing down, having deep conversations, empathizing with each other’s needs – and it takes practice and self-awareness.

What Happens to Love Without Earth
Without Earth injected into a relationship, Wood / Fire couples are at risk for:
– Scattering their love, so it doesn’t feel present in the relationship (Fire)
– Becoming competitive in conflict rather than showing empathy (Wood)

But since Tony and Sage interacted with and cared for each other through Earth behaviors, here’s how we all experienced them together.

They celebrated each other’s unique individuality, and still embodied empathy and harmony.  Their compassion for each other was evident in how they looked at each other, how they spoke to each other and how much kindness they showed their community and their team members.

I was in awe. And I am deeply grateful for the learning.

The more we can each emulate the Earth archetype in their bonds, the more we will thrive in our connections with others.

We all have so much to learn from Tony and his crew!  Please check out his incredible new book, Life Force and sign up to attend his upcoming Unleash the Power Within! You’ll be happy you did!