We translate assessment data into immediately actionable steps to systematically build trust across an entire ecosystem.

We offer 3 paths: DIY, Hybrid, and Total Customization.


  • Communication is solid 
  • You are curious listeners
  • You want to be proactive


  • Expectations are unclear
  • Trust is starting to fray
  • Want to avoid attrition


  • Ingrained stubborn patterns
  • A history of feeling stuck
  • Bottom line is at risk

What Makes Carey's Work so Unique

The Five Archetypes

Carey combines her intuitive genius with the ancient wisdom of the Five Archetypes to provide tools for individuals and teams who want to make seismic shifts in building trust through practicing empathy and a growth mindset.

  • Over the past nine years, her method has helped thousands of individuals and enterprises make simple, impactful changes that dramatically improved bottom lines and the overall experience of work and life.  
  • During this time, Carey has conducted over 15,000 assessments and created an anonymous database correlating archetypes with critical day-to-day issues.  Her data shows invaluable trends she applies to all her client projects, so YOU benefit from this knowledge and experience.  
  • ·       At work, her data-driven system tests culture fit for new people and pinpoints concrete, actionable opportunities to dramatically improve your employees’ onboarding experience and the entire work lifecycle.  

Let’s Connect

I’m Carey. Empathy expert, visionary, and author of The Five Archetypes, dedicated to serving wonderful people and innovative leaders like you.

THANK YOU!!! The workshop was really wonderful – warm, welcoming and insightful. My only regret is not having it last longer!

Ronni Favors

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Rehearsal Director

Carey is improving lives immediately and dramatically through her explanation of the five archetypes and the way that she helps people understand them.

Vanessa Cornell

NUSHU Society Founder

The Five Archetypes were a hugely valuable insight for our MBA Social Impact Fellows. The assessment, and Carey’s wise interpretations and guidance, helped these young professionals thrive in a extremely difficult context.

Nell Derick Debevoise

Founder & CEO Inspiring Capital

A Lightbulb of Insight for a Better Life

Carey’s groundbreaking book, The Five Archetypes, has inspired thousands to transform their work and personal relationships. Discover the archetypes within you and drive your own success.

“Completely [changed] the way I consider people who stress me out or rub me the wrong way or just see the world differently than I do…. [The Five Archetypes] is fascinating—and Davidson is brilliant…. Read the book, mull it over, and prepare to have your mind blown.”

Megan O'Neill


“I loved this book incredibly. Understanding my underlying nature really helps me understand myself in how I need to relieve stress and relate to myself, and more importantly to my family.” 

Michelle Zipper

Amazon 5-Star Review