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The Five Relationship Archetypes


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The #1 indicator of human happiness is the quality of our relationships. High-quality relationships are accessible to us when we boost our self-awareness. The Five Archetypes deliver a personalized system of self-discovery to reduce stress and improve interactions. We instill deep knowledge and teach easy, customized skills that catalyze quick, sustainable change.

Discover what truly motivates your thoughts and opinions.

Learn what inspires your decisions. Know what drives the way you communicate. The more you deepen your self-knowledge, the more adaptive and resilient you become in the face of challenge. Identify these strengths and areas in need of development with our holistic well-being assessment tool. The outcomes provide a framework for your personalized experience with the Five Archetypes method.

Integrate more effective practices that deliver consistently better outcomes.

You can work smarter. The Five Archetypes methodology revolves around a core principle that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Rather, we teach that each person has a unique interactive style that motivates purpose and growth. Such a customized approach is a more practical way of achieving outstanding personal and interpersonal experiences.

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Carey's book, The Five Archetypes

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Carey’s groundbreaking book, The Five Archetypes, has inspired thousands to transform their work and personal relationships. Discover the personality archetypes within you and drive your own success with a new self-guided system to a more fulfilling life

Acclaim For Five Archetypes

“Completely changed the way i consider people who stress me out or rub me the wrong way or just see the world differently then ido…. The Five Archetypes is fascinating and davidson is brilliant….. Read the book, mull it over, and prepare to have your mind blown.”

– Megan O’Neill, Goop

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  • THANK YOU!!! The workshop was really wonderful – warm, welcoming and insightful. My only regret is not having it last longer!

    Ronni Favors

    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Rehearsal Director
  • Carey is improving lives immediately and dramatically through her explanation of the five archetypes and the way that she helps people understand them.

    Vanessa Cornell

    NUSHU Society Founder
  • The Five Archetypes were a hugely valuable insight for our MBA Social Impact Fellows. The assessment, and Carey’s wise interpretations and guidance, helped these young professionals thrive in a extremely difficult context.

    Nell Derick Debevoise

    Founder & CEO Inspiring Capital

Let's Get Your Relationships
Working for You on a Daily Basis

It starts with knowing the