Communicate Better in Difficult Situations

Whether in love, at work, as parents, or friends, when we understand our own and others’ personality traits and what motivates our engagement tactics, we can easily predict and overcome most of the common pitfalls in relationships by learning to communicate better. Creatures of habit don’t communicate better We are creatures of habit whether we […]

Social Relationships in a Pandemic: Remember the Cocktail Party

Can you have social relationships in a pandemic: yes, it’s possible! No, I’m not kidding. Remember when we went to parties? Remember when our social relationships didn’t require masks (and fear) first? I’m still adjusting to social relationships in a pandemic.  I’m watching shows that depict people out in public mingling and touching without gloves […]

Life and love in the A.C. age

Cooped up in the apartment in the A.C. age (After Corona, not A.D. anymore, as this thing seems to be the new marker of our lives) my mind wanders. I vacillate between giddy and doomsday. I wonder about every aspect of life and love and how it will all change, has changed, may forever change. […]

Engage the power of your mind to ignite your heart

“It’s Groundhog Day…” Bill Murray’s character, weatherman Phill Conner says. “Again.” Every day the same. Sounds kinda familiar about now? The icon character is dead inside. After weeks of isolation and pandemic impact has turned to months, we may be feeling the same. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to ignite your heart again?  […]