Making life and work feel more like adventure and play. 

A little bit about me…

Life is a challenge, isn’t it?

But it can be so much easier and more fulfilling by tapping into ancient truths about what makes us human. I call these The Five Archetypes. They have been helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives with better relationships for thousands of years.

I changed my life with these insights. I survived a divorce and learned to thrive. I raised my kids. I started a business. But this isn’t one of those Instagram #bestlife pictures, because didn’t I mention life is really difficult? It remains so. Business is tough. Kids grow up and have minds of their own. Challenges remain.

We all have those critical moments, right? Mine was around my 40th birthday. I caught a beautiful glimpse of clarity over a cup of hot chocolate in a Paris cafe. Amazingly, the clarity grew even after the chocolate high wore off. My inspiration never did wear off. A new, deeper understanding of wellness became a choice, and a lifestyle, and eventually, a new business. All of which came together in my book, The Five Archetypes: Discover Your True Nature and Transform Your Life and Relationships (2020 Simon & Schuster).

What’s the book about, I’m asked? I could answer that almost as long as it would take you to read it. But it’s really about what is now my life’s work: I’m absolutely convinced you can have a happier life with fulfilling relationships and a sense of purpose.

And a little chocolate (and a big dose of Paris) never hurts.

Carey Davidson
Founder, Author, Human Relations Expert

The power of holistic health and human resources merged


Director of Human Resources

Columbia University Undergrad


Executive Director

CARING at Columbia


Associate Director

Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science


Founder & CEO

Tournesol Wellness


Executive Director

Tournesol Kids, Inc



Simon and Schuster Books

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Carey is an expert in the business of human relations and organizational dynamics.  She guides individuals and enterprises to amplify potential for growth by leveraging their Five Archetypes nature.


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