Acclaim for The Five Archetypes

  • “Completely [changed] the way I consider people who stress me out or rub me the wrong way or just see the world differently than I do…. [The Five Archetypes] is fascinating—and Davidson is brilliant…. Read the book, mull it over, and prepare to have your mind blown.”

    — Megan O'Neill, Goop
  • “If you knew there were specific ways that are most effective for you to destress or to negotiate with a colleague, would you want to know them? Most of us would jump at the chance and then want to learn the same for our partners, colleagues, and children…. Carey Davidson…has made these exact insights accessible by translating ancient wisdom into modern insights in her book, The Five Archetypes.”

    — Nell Derick Debevoise, Forbes
  • “Davidson provides a framework for living a more mindful and fulfilling life in this comprehensive analysis of five archetypes of behavior…. Readers well-versed in mindfulness exercises and Chinese medicine will be most interested in these pragmatic exercises for making lasting life improvements.”

    — Publishers Weekly

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Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  These five elements naturally occur in our physical environment and are the building blocks of how all things grow and transform.  Understanding the elements and how they interact reveals exactly how a seed becomes a tree, how a child becomes an adult and even how we each fall into deep and wonderful love.

Once you discover the five elements, you’ll begin to see how they determine your thoughts, motivations, strengths and challenges for yourself.  They reveal the reasons behind why you feel uncomfortable around some people in a room and completely at ease around others.

When you understand your elemental makeup and that of the people in your life, every relationship becomes clear.  This realization can lead to increased happiness, reduced anxiety, being secure in who you are, feeling confident, loving and compassionate.

Author, Carey Davidson demonstrates that each of these five elements corresponds to personality types.  Inside all of us is a unique blend of these personality archetypes, and understanding the meaning behind each will guide you to living a more enriched and fulfilling life.

" A full and successful life begins with self-knowledge. I wrote The Five Archetypes to help you grow into the amazing person you were put on this earth to become."

— Carey Davidson

The Trailblazer
WOOD: Seek out challenges and perform well under pressure.

The Optimist
FIRE: Often associated with warmth, passion and joy.

The Caregiver
EARTH: Nurturing, warm and highly empathetic toward others.

The Architect
METAL: Creates beauty in the world, is meticulous, and detail-oriented.

The Philosopher
WATER: Excellent listeners and are philosophical and introspective.

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Meet Carey Davidson

Carey Davidson is an expert in human relations.  She led Human Resources at Columbia University and was the Executive Director of CARING at Columbia, a component of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, which provides culturally sensitive prevention and intervention programs using art and music for at-risk children in New York City.

As the Founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness in New York City, Carey began to design programs that combined groundbreaking science with ancient teachings to empower people and organizations with skills that maximize relationships by leveraging their unique interactive styles.

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Author, business leader and Tournesol founder, Carey Davidson, is a consultant to HR departments of national corporations. She is also available for teaching workshops. To schedule her for your next event, visit our contact page here.