Cultural Evaluation — Learn Where You Are To Know Where You're Going

Individual results; organizational impact.

Get Ahead of People Issues

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that managers spend 25-40% of their time managing workplace conflicts. Imagine how many more customers you could serve by reclaiming that time.

Optimize your human capital and lower your risk with a comprehensive evaluation of your cultural ecosystem. Individual assessments can diagnose and help improve individual performance, but  a full assessment of how those factors play as team dynamics can guide a clear path forward, with follow-up plans to enhance connectivity, self-awareness, and collaboration.

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How It Works

The transformative power of the Five Archetypes system blends eastern philosophy with a practical ‘five archetypes’ framework for interpersonal engagement. Our holistic assessment tool unveils individual strengths and traits, paving the way for tailored, individual growth strategies. Through neuroplasticity techniques and conflict-ready practices, we foster empathy and resilience precisely when needed, ensuring continuous personal, team, and a more collaborative workplace.

The Five Elements are the solid foundation for your organizational growth. With workshops and team facilitated coaching sessions, we equip teams with profound self-awareness and a shared language for navigating work dynamics. Empower individuals with a clear understanding of their default behaviors and see immediate results with enhanced productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and team engagement.

the five archetypes

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“The human focus of the Five Archetypes approach, the whole person focus, is exceptionally grounding… the Five Archetypes is something you can keep coming back to to navigate the ups and downs that constantly come with change.”

Gwynne Guzzeau

Helping Our Woman, , Executive Director

“I highly recommend Carey to any organization wanting to develop their employees and to instill a growth mindset and empathetic approach.”

Christine Clacey

Microsoft Corporation, Learning Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Carey around the Five Archeytpes for our Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. I must say, the experience and the outcomes far exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable.”

Kristin Kenyon

Pierce County Community Action, M.Ed., Social Service Supervisor, ECEAP Center Director