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Dear Carey: Stuck No More: Earth Embracing Flexibility to Find Your Rhythm

Lara’s Assessment Results

  • Fire: 64.8%
  • Earth: 72.9%
  • Metal: 69.3%
  • Water: 48.6%
  • Wood: 58.5%

Lara’s Challenge

I’m someone who values strict adherence to rules, responsibilities, and commitment. My dedication often leads me to prioritize rules and policies over flexibility, making it challenging for me to embrace a more fluid approach. I find fulfillment in assisting others and contributing to their lives or work, thriving in a team environment where sharing and collaboration are key. I adapt readily to different work styles and place great importance on loyalty and keeping my promises. Deceit, lies, and dishonesty deeply frustrate me.

I’ll admit that I struggle with the discomfort that new challenges inevitably bring. My preference is to take action and be directly involved in resolving issues, as I see myself as a problem solver who strives to ensure continuous progress. However, the concept of letting go can be quite challenging, especially when new challenges demand it.

Now, I’m faced with a new challenge of a different kind – finding the rhythm of our company’s operations. I’m still grappling with the idea of transitioning from active involvement to allowing things to flow naturally. This transition has left me somewhat perplexed, and I’m working on understanding and achieving this new purpose.

Desired Change

The one thing I want to learn to change, for a better sense of well-being, is my ability to let go of control and embrace the natural ebb and flow of challenges and life’s dynamics.

The Solution

To address Lara’s challenge, it’s crucial to consider her unique personality traits, as revealed by her assessment results. Lara has a dominant Earth archetype, a secondary Metal archetype, and lower tendencies toward Water and Wood. These traits can sometimes lead to self-doubt during stressful situations, creating a feeling of being stuck and limiting her ability to recognize the potential for change and personal growth.

The rigidity and resistance to change, common in individuals with high Earth/Metal traits and low Wood traits under stress, can make embracing flexibility and going with the flow appear challenging, or even risky.

Lara’s desire to let go of control, while essential for achieving balance, can sometimes trigger negative self-sabotaging thoughts, further exacerbating the feeling of being stuck. In the context of the Five Archetypes, Lara’s journey toward greater flexibility involves finding a balance between her inner dialogue and self-empathy, as well as learning how to adapt and navigate effectively when she encounters moments of feeling stuck.


To help Lara overcome this challenge, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Balance Earth: Nourish your body with wholesome food daily. Seek caring conversations, group activities, and collaboration opportunities.
  2. Balance Metal: Practice a daily ritual that includes gratitude for things and people you want to acknowledge for helping you lead a fulfilling life.
  3. Improve Water: Prioritize hydration and quality sleep to enhance mental clarity and decision-making. Embrace the potential of diverse ways to solve challenges when they arise.
  4. Increase Wood: Move your body daily. Seek opportunities to be in nature and exercise with groups.

Following these steps, Lara will gradually ease her rigid thinking under stress, expand her horizons, and embrace a wider range of opportunities for solving life’s challenges when she feels fear.

What’s Next? Teach Me to Grow Too!

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