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Dear Carey: Earth Navigates Change by Increasing Self-Care

Dani’s Assessment Results

  • Fire: 64.8%
  • Earth: 76.5%
  • Metal: 72%
  • Water: 63%
  • Wood: 67.5%

Dani’s Challenge

Dear Carey,

I’m a 38-year-old living a decent life in the quiet town of Des Moines. I spend my days hosting wellness retreats, teaching pottery, and working closely with various community groups to help make our town a good place to live.

I’m writing because I hit a bit of a rough patch recently. In the chaos of my busy week, juggling commitments and striving to keep everyone happy, I had an unexpected and eye-opening moment. I somehow managed to miss a crucial meeting with my biggest client – completely slipped my mind.

This experience shook me and make me realize I’m not paying attention to what truly matters. I am clearly not the best version of myself, especially when it comes to time management and finding balance between my passions and my personal life.

Desired Change

I’m seeking guidance on finding success and confidence. How can I be the best version of myself and improve my ability to help others without losing sight of my own needs?



The Solution

To address Dani’s challenge, it’s crucial to consider her unique personality traits, as revealed by her assessment results. Dani’s dominant Earth archetype, secondary Metal archetype, and lower tendencies toward Water can lead to an over focus on caring for others and doing the right thing without taking a moment to get still and clear – knowing why she’s doing what she’s doing. This can create inner disharmony, causing her to deny her own needs and not pause or rest to make sure her own tank is filled.


To help Dani overcome this challenge, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Balance Earth: Consume nourishing foods daily to support your well-being. Look for opportunities to share your expertise with others by teaching what you excel at.
  2. Increase Water: Focus on maintaining adequate hydration and ensuring quality sleep. This will enhance your ability to approach information with a healthy level of skepticism, avoiding immediate acceptance of everything you hear. It’ll also nourish your ability to have more confidence, even when you have to set boundaries and say no.
  3. Improve Fire: Take regular breaks during the day to engage in enjoyable activities, such as chatting with a friend, playing a game, or watching a comedy.
  4. Increase Wood: Incorporate daily physical activity using various exercises. Review your daily agenda each morning to prioritize your tasks effectively.

By following these steps, Dani will gradually reduce her impulse to take on everything to help everyone all the time. She’ll improve her capacity to listen calmly, and be more selective about what tasks she takes on. This will boost her confidence help her feel good about caring for herself.

What’s Next? Teach Me to Grow Too!

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