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Shift From Self-Criticism to Self-Love: Wood Advice for Water Archetypes

Embracing Your Artistic Self: A Water Type’s Journey to Self-Love

Perry’s Results:

Fire: 68.4%
Earth: 70.2%
Metal: 66.6%
Water: 76.5%
Wood: 59.4%

Perry’s Challenge:

I am struggling with loving myself as the artist I am. With my assessment results, how can I start appreciating who I am?

As an artist navigating the intricate landscapes of creativity, it’s not uncommon to grapple with self-doubt and struggle to fully embrace one’s unique identity. For Perry, an artist who has Water as her primary archetype, her introspective and sensitive nature may be contributing to the challenge of loving herself as the artist she is. Water types are often prone to over isolate, and feel self critical when they feel misunderstood. This self-critical mindset can hinder the development of a genuine love for oneself and the artistic contributions they bring to the world.

Perry’s Solution:

The key to unlocking self-love for water types lies in understanding and managing their coping mechanisms, particularly their connection to the Wood element, which happens to be Perry’s lowest. The Wood element serves as a stabilizing force for water types, offering a pathway to alleviate the burden of self-doubt and criticism. By recognizing the patterns of self-blame and redirecting energy towards constructive actions, water types can cultivate a more nurturing environment for their artistic endeavors.

Practical steps towards fostering a healthier relationship with oneself involve consciously increasing the Wood element in daily life. Setting a well-defined agenda for the day and establishing medium-term goals can provide the structure needed to enhance the Wood nature. This intentional approach not only helps in calming the self-critical thoughts but also empowers water types to appreciate the progress they make on their artistic journey. Embracing the balance of the Wood element can be transformative, paving the way for a more positive and loving connection with oneself as an artist.