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Navigating an Uncertain Future: Drawing on Wood for Career Transformation

Section 1: Nicole’s Assessment Results

Fire: 67.5%
Earth: 64.8%
Metal: 72.0%
Water: 72.9%
Wood: 55.8%

Section 2: Nicole’s Challenge

Nicole faces a longstanding challenge that has spanned much of her life. Since her adolescence, she has grappled with defining her life’s purpose and direction. Her initial aspiration to become a scientist gave way to a focus on political science and international relations due to her strong interests in humanitarianism and cross-cultural exploration. However, her academic journey didn’t follow the traditional path, and she opted for a Master’s degree in international relations.

Despite her educational achievements, Nicole currently finds herself in a role at a foreign consulate that doesn’t align with her long-term career goals. The position lacks opportunities for growth or advancement, leaving her feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill her ambitions.

Fear and insecurity have played a role in her stagnation, but the core issue lies in not knowing which alternative path to pursue. Nicole has contemplated various options, including academia and museum work, but these fields appear daunting due to competitive job markets and substantial time and financial investments.

Nicole’s strengths lie in information analysis, problem-solving, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge. However, she struggles to identify a practical career path that offers job security while aligning with her interests and strengths.

What did Nicole want to change? Nicole, like many of us, had an easier time sharing her challenges than pinpointing what she needed to change in order to move forward. After some further questions to her, she determined she’d like to get better at finding opportunities—”I struggle with planning for the future and more importantly taking action towards the future when it’s uncertain. So I guess my question is how to take forward moving action when the future is uncertain.”

Section 3: The Solution

To effectively address Nicole’s challenge, it’s essential to delve into her assessment results and gain insights into her areas of disharmony. Nicole’s dominant archetypes are Water and Metal, while her Wood archetype is less pronounced. This combination presents specific challenges, especially when she experiences insecurity and stress. These challenges manifest as a tendency to overthink, dwell on the past, and shy away from taking risks or pursuing innovative ideas that can shape a new future.

Nicole’s strong inclination towards Metal and Water archetypes can sometimes lead her into a cycle of uncertainty and apprehension about the unknown. By expanding her perspective to incorporate the Wood aspects of perception, she can effectively overcome the fear of uncertainty and instead embrace it with excitement. This shift allows her to welcome the uncharted territory as an opportunity for growth and exploration.


To address Nicole’s challenge of moving forward when faced with an uncertain future, we offer the following recommendations:

  1. Embrace Your Water and Metal Strengths: Leverage your natural skills by including daily breath work, meditation, getting good sleep and staying hydrated. Seek opportunities that allow you to apply information analysis, problem-solving, and creativity.
  2. Building Wood: Identify areas where you can enhance your skills to become more competitive in your desired field. Online courses, workshops, and self-study can be valuable resources. Break down your long-term aspirations into manageable short-term goals. This can make your journey more achievable and less overwhelming. Have private 1:1 research interviews with people in related to fields you’re interested in. This can provide valuable insights and connections that may lead to unexpected career paths, but still honor your Water/Metal way of engaging with people.
  3. Reinforce Earth: Make sure you eat regular, nourishing meals without skipping. Recognize and show appreciation for the people in your life who help you thrive.

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