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Dear Carey: Earth Overcoming the Fear of Taking a Career Risk

Section 1: Todd’s Assessment Results

  • Fire: 66.6%
  • Earth: 80.1%
  • Metal: 46.8%
  • Water: 50.4%
  • Wood: 69.3%

Section 2: Todd’s Challenge

Todd faces a significant challenge: he feels stuck in his current IT role. While his current job offers security and has allowed him to coach colleagues for the past four years, his true passion lies in coaching. Todd dreams of leaving his secure 9-5 job to become a full-time coach and support people on their personal journeys.

Section 3: The Solution

To address Todd’s challenge effectively, we need to understand his assessment results, as they provide insights into his areas of disharmony and the path to balance. Todd’s highest archetype is Earth, while his lowest is Metal. This combination can lead to challenges when he’s stressed, as he tends to gather excessive information and ideas without knowing when to take decisive risks.

  • Todd’s feeling of being stuck aligns with high Earth energy under stress, which can hinder action on new ideas.
  • His desire for security echoes Earth’s value for safety, which can deter risk-taking.
  • Todd’s dream of being courageous and becoming a visionary aligns with Wood behaviors, which is challenging for Earth types when their Metal is low.

Section 4: Recommendations

To help Todd overcome these challenges and transition into his coaching career, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Balancing Earth: Spend time daily with people who appreciate and need his help, aligning with his Earth energy’s desire to support others.
  2. Building Metal: Create structure in his daily routine and establish a meaningful personal ritual. Structure will help him stop ruminating and worrying and instead he’ll begin to plan and take calculated risks.
  3. Improving Water: Prioritize hydration and ensure he gets quality sleep. Adequate rest enhances mental clarity and decision-making.
  4. Increasing Wood: Spend time outdoors daily and create a clear daily agenda. These actions will boost his confidence and courage to pursue his coaching dream.

By following these steps, Todd will gradually calm his overactive Earth tendencies, reducing worry and inertia. As a result, he’ll start recognizing new opportunities and potential where fear once held him back.

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