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Your first step is to review the order in which the Five Archetypes fall in your nature. Take a look at your results below and notice how they rank from highest to lowest.

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Every one of us is made up of all the Five Archetypes. They are the five building blocks of human development and functioning and refer to our internal organs, our emotions, our perceptions, how we relate to and influence people and objects in our environment, and how we achieve our highest purpose in our lifetimes.

The archetype you score highest in is referred to as your primary. (It’s OK to have more than one primary!) Your primary sheds light on the unconscious ways your perceptions can support or challenge your ability to avoid friction in self-care, relating to others, and establishing impactful processes within which teams and communities can thrive. The archetype you score lowest in corresponds to your greatest opportunities for improving your relationships with yourself, and others and the establishment of impactful operations and systems.

Together, the Five Archetypes represent the five skill sets every human needs to predict obstacles to success and adapt to adversity. When we balance the five within us, we easily recognize and overcome the limited thinking that arises when we feel insecure, which helps us get and stay unstuck.

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The Archetypes Downloads in this section provide individualized insights including the thoughts and beliefs others experience about us when we communicate without empathy, in our fixed perspectives.

Once you understand how your mindset impacts others’ perceptions of you, you can learn to apply simple 5A mind-strengthening activities to get unstuck by changing course and making decisions that foster the conditions for health within yourself and your relationships.

Since your primary type then the Download you should read :

Here are all the Downloads for comparison and convenient bookmarking. Learning about others is the FIRST step to building empathy.

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