Personal Growth

Entering a new world through the chasm of change

The absolute strangest thing happened to me today, and it filled me with needed joy. I feel as though I transitioned to a new world, but in a very positive way. 

OK… well maybe it was not the ABSOLUTE strangest… I mean, I have some pretty not so normal things that go on in my life, but seriously. Today was odd.

Since Coronavirus changed our world, I’ve spoken and written and thought about this big idea of getting quiet and going within so that we can prepare for a post COVID world.

I’ve espoused the virtues of releasing fear and grief and the worry of the unknown. Many of you have heard me talk about increasing your water skills such as meditation, breathing, getting better sleep, or staying hydrated. 

Over this time, I’ve talked the talk ad nauseum. Ask my kids. They hear me teach webinar after webinar driving home the benefits of increasing your Water Nature to stay still and present to the unknown future, so you can expect a new and better future path to unfold. 

Intuitively, I know exercising this watery calm is the way to manifest a new world. Yet, I remain mostly in my Fire. I can’t say I’ve consistently walked the walk these past months. I mean, I have my moments for sure. There are certainly times when I’m killing it, but it’s been hard for me to stay steadfastly in that head and heart space. 

But something shifted today.

 I recently wrote about engaging the power of your mind to bring about change. But today it was different… it was the power of something else, something more from the heart. And it helped me enter a new world. 

The chasm of change: We embrace a new world

So, welcome, here, in a new world. 

It feels…. Um… strange. And exciting. And liberating. It kind of feels like the magnetic pull toward my highest self got a heck of a lot stronger. Like I crossed some threshold where it’s easier to fall into healthier patterns of thought and behavior than into older, maladaptive ones. Does that make sense to you?

As a Fire, it’s my nature to want to stay busy. I crave variety and create engaging distractions so I don’t have to spend too much time feeling bored. I gravitate toward sweets or playing backgammon on my phone for waaaaay much longer than I’m willing to admit to you in this blog post. (Give me strength to delete that app for good this time.)

What I’m feeling now is not a departure from my core Fire nature, but an evolution into a more balanced state between Fire and Water. I still crave and create joy, pleasure and positivity in my life and in the world, but I am drawn to balance it out more with quiet reflective time going inward.

Which brings me back to that absolute strangest thing. 


Fire fun from a water state

Today I felt “high” from meditating. It was fun. Like FIRE fun. It was all sparkly and tinkerbell and pink hearts and fairy dust. It brought me closer to joy and optimism and hopefulness and further away from the fears like questions of self-worth and concern over potential loss of love that I can easily fall into and that keep me from living my best life.

So, to make the most of this newfound Fire-Water balance, I’ve decided to go on an off-the-grid trip by myself into nature in Maine for a week. 

I want to get quiet. Really really quiet. I want to turn down the noise of everyone else’s needs, the chatter of the media, my own insecurities. I want to go outside and tune in to me. (It’s definitely no coincidence that the abbreviation for Maine is ME).

I have three goals for this trip. 

  1. I want to get quiet enough to feel my cells realign with the natural rhythms of the Earth. 
  2. I want to reclaim ME, what I want, who I am and how I want to contribute to the next phase of our existence on this planet. 
  3. I want to mark a milestone in my life. 

Yesterday I launched my youngest child out into the world. She graduated high school and left for college. I am officially rebirthed as an empty nester. 

In my meditation today I saw that there is a grand boulevard ahead of me. I began paving it in gold and carving out the map for where it leads. The gravity pulling me forward to create this new existence was profound and I can feel my soul bathing in it. 

I can’t wait to share what’s next with you. 

“And… The rest is still unwritten…” ~ Natasha Bedingfield