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In less than 10 minutes you will measure the strength of each of the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine within your overall nature (Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, Earth). Each of the elements represents a particular temperament and a set of traits.

Answer each question to the best of your ability. When you finish we will automatically e-mail you the results.

Let your journey begin now!

I'm caring, kind-hearted and concerned for the welfare of others
I don't like when anyone is left out
I can become indecisive when stressed
I like to introduce people who have a lot in common
I tend to be the peacemaker
I love socializing with friends and family
I can imagine what others need
I like my house to be the hub of activity for friends and family
I like to make people feel welcome
I'm regarded as a team player
I tend to go along with what others say
I can become worried and shy in social situations
I like to teach and learn through stories
I like fitting in and being needed
I can talk too much when I want people around me to feel comfortable
I will put others' needs before mine
I don't like when people aren't getting along
I tend to have a hard time falling asleep when I'm overwhelmed or worried
I like getting involved in other people's lives
I ask people personal questions to show I care about them

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