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What is The Five Archetypes?

  • A science-based system that teaches people to thrive in the face of challenge, improving personal well-being, relationships, and the effectiveness of business strategies.
  • A systematic approach to build confidence, empathy, and a growth mindset.
  • It's not a personality test; its primary goal is to guide us to grow ourselves, others and our organizations - especially in the face of chaos and adversity - rather than merely emphasizing our differences.

How to use your Five Archetypes results:
  • Step 1: Notice your highest and lowest archetypes. You may have ties, which is fine!
  • Step 2: Explore the PDFs that correspond to your highest and lowest archetypes. The PDFs demonstrate how your unconscious thoughts and behaviors strengthen or weaken your relationships.
  • Step 3: Join the waitlist for our digital learning program! Get personalized, bite-sized text reminders and activities to rewire stress responses for healthier relationships. The program launches in Spring 2024 - access the waitlist on your 5A assessments results page.


  • The assessment takes about 10 minutes. As you consider how to rate each phrase, be careful not to fall into the trap of “I should.”
  • Instead, pause and reflect on how frequently in the past three months you have felt aligned with each statement. The more accurate your answers, the more spot on your personalized action plan will be.
  • Upon completion, a link to your results will be emailed to you. Follow the link to find information about your archetypes, such as stressors, gifts, and more, which will enable you to apply your results immediately.
  • Click the "Next" button below to begin.
Which option best describes your preference when you meet someone new? A) Are you more likely to want to learn more about the person to learn how to offer support or introduce them to new people (Earth)? B) Do you prefer to share few details about yourself, appreciating the importance of remaining mysterious (Water)?
Which option best describes how you would fee if your work team all went out to lunch together to celebrate a team member's birthday and you were asked to stay behind and cover the front desk? A) Would you feel sad and wish you could've been included (Earth)? B) Would you relish the opportunity to be alone so you could think quietly (Water)?
Which option best describes how often and where you most prefer to see friends and family? A) Do you prefer your home to be the frequent hub of family and friend gatherings (Earth)? B) Do you prefer seeing friends or family only occasionally and not at your home (Water)?
Which option best describes how you prefer to engage with other people's problems? A) Do you crave opportunities to offer advice to others on how to turn their chaos into order (Earth)? B) Do you prefer limited engagement with other people's problems, disliking having to be too social (Water)?
Which option best describes how you prefer to be managed? A) Do you dislike having to work and deliver on someone else's timeline and structure (Water)? B) Do you appreciate knowing exactly what will make someone happy so you can easily deliver something you'll be appreciated for having done well (Earth)?

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