TWellness Assessment

About The Five Archetypes

A science-based system rooted in the five human elements that drive differences, strengths and challenges in our behavior. This framework helps identify and shift the hidden drivers of unhealthy patterns within each of us that lead to fixed thinking and nonproductive interpersonal conflict. By understanding our unique drivers and where we can get stuck, we can cultivate the conditions for sustainable personal and interpersonal growth by addressing barriers at the source.

The 5A is not a personality test; its primary goal is to guide us to grow ourselves, others and our organizations - especially in the face of chaos and adversity - rather than merely emphasizing our differences.


Avoid distractions: The assessment takes about 10 minutes.

Think broadly: Reflect on each phrase based on your past three months.

Be objective: Avoid "I should" thinking, accurate answers lead to a more precise personalized action plan.

Follow through: Upon completion, check your email for a link to your results, including insights on stressors, strengths and more. No purchase is required to receive your results, so proceed with confidence.

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*This assessment is based on the research and copyrighted work of Stephen Cowan, M.D. The results include research and copyrighted work of Carey Davidson.

How to use your Five Archetypes results:
  1. Identify your highest and lowest archetypes. Ties are okay - they may even represent a head start on where you already have some balance.
  2. Explore the resources  in our Blog. Learn more and begin connecting your archetypes to your daily life. Try to identify where your challenges appear and where your strengths shine.
  3. Find the next step that's right for you. Buy the book, schedule a discovery call, or send the assessment to someone.
  4. Join the waitlist. Sign up for our digital Harmin Navigator, a text-based personalized guide to help you stay on track with practical tips and continued learning. Contact us and write, "Harmin Navigator Waitlist" in the subject line.