101- Introduction Archetypes

So you’re an Earth Archetype!

When Earth is your primary archetype, its kindness directs the way you interact with your environment. You share the gifts of empathy, unity, commitment, and devotion with the world. Earth is the feeling of wholeness that emanates from your center when you know you’ve improved someone else’s life.

As a primary Earth archetype, your desire and ability to keep people together and feeling cared for is beyond compare. You have unwavering access to the most compassionate behaviors. When you’re on top of your game, your friends, family, and community regard you as a dependable, benevolent guide who takes good care of yourself and others. However, when you’re not feeling your best, insecure Earth worries and behaviors prevail, and you may not be able to be your most capable self.

Primary Earth types live their highest spiritual purpose through nurturing cohesive connections and helping others do the same. With genuine interest and care, they check in with other people, asking them how they’re doing. Earth archetypes will remember the details shared and follow up later to check on how things have progressed. This is how they show love. They seek to saturate casual conversations with empathy, demonstrating genuine compassion for others. Earth types, at their best, want to express to others that spending time focusing on other people’s needs is worthwhile. Earths hope that as a result of these efforts, others will begin to model consideration for people around them by emulating these Earth archetype behaviors.

Earths who feel grounded, self-aware, and secure in who they are will embody distinct traits in their physical, mental, and spiritual being. Physically, Earth types take steps to maintain healthy digestion and good eating habits. Mentally, Earth types remain present in conversation with others, sharing and striving to build rapport and create bonds. Spiritually, Earth types embody and impart the gift of compassion, even in the most challenging situations when others around them choose a less-tolerant stance.

When your primary archetype is Earth, you’ll also exhibit specific inherent capabilities and attitudes. These patterns persist and are expressed in your personal behaviors, the self-care activities you favor, and the way others perceive you.

Here are a couple of basic Earth archetype indicators to be aware of: When feeling resilient, a primary Earth person is driven to consistently create a sense of togetherness and comfort that benefits both themselves and those around them. On the other hand, when feeling insecure, the Earth type experiences strong feelings of overwhelm and becomes preoccupied with fitting in.