What will President Biden do? A Five Archetypes Prediction

Have you been wondering what President-elect Biden will do once he takes office? What will President Biden do about this, what will President Biden do about that… Or maybe not. Are you still fixated on what the current president will do about this and that? 

Well let’s lighten it all up a bit, shall we and take a Five Archetypes look at the incoming president and explore what you’ll love and what you’ll love a little less. Because everything is too serious! We’re tired of it, right? 

Fatigue. It’s the word of the month. Covid Fatigue. Zoom Fatigue and especially Election Fatigue.

I mean, who’s not watching political news 24/7 these days? I never followed politics as closely as I have these past four years. MSNBC has replaced writing, reading, talking with friends, cooking, learning new things. I can’t tell you the name of one popular actor or musician from this decade, but I know every political newscaster, their outlet and their time slot. How many hours (days…weeks) do you think I probably could’ve spent … oh I don’t know… enjoying life? 

So let me offer you a fresh perspective (amazingly, this really is something you haven’t read about Biden before!). Your president’s Five Archetype Relationship Style can enlighten you with high confidence, to exactly what he will do next. (Yes – this also applies to your boss, your child and your romantic partner!). 

Why the Five Archetypes and Biden? 

Really quick for those of you who need context: The Five Archetypes is a system that explains and solves personal and interpersonal conflict. It correlates your interactive style to one of five natural ways of engaging. The five are: 

  • Wood – The Trailblazer
  • Fire – The Eternal Optimist
  • Earth – The Caregiver
  • Metal – The Architect
  • Water – The Philosopher

Based on ancient wisdom and frontier science, this method helps you deeply understand yourself and predict and overcome pitfalls in all your relationships. It helps you build resilience to stress, increase creative problem-solving capacity and communicate effectively. Sound like skills you want your president to have? Hmmmm – I’d say a resounding Yaaassssss!

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Five Archetypes is its power to gauge your behavior: in stress, in success, in relationships and in fulfilling your life’s purpose. That being said, when we understand Biden’s archetypal nature, we can start to confidently predict what President-Elect Biden will do once he takes office. We can also better understand:

  • What truly motivates his actions and thoughts 
  • How he’s most likely to react in a crisis and what keeps him resilient 
  • Why we react to him the way we do

Biden hasn’t taken my online Five Archetypes assessment (yet!), which would disclose the exact amount of each of the five archetypes within his nature. So bear with me as I engage my intuitive skills to guess what his scores would most likely reveal. 

Biden’s archetype: we can know what he’ll do next

The Joe Biden I see through my archetypes lens has specific qualities that guided my hypothesis of his nature. The following observations I share here clearly indicate a person with primary Earth, secondary Wood and lowest Metal.

Based on my observations of his behavior over time, I believe Biden is:

  • Primary Earth
  • Secondary Wood 
  • Lowest Metal

(For a super quick Five Archetypes crash course, here’s a brief video that explains the basics.) 

Remember, I’m taking a guess at Biden’s archetype scores. From my perception, here’s what you can expect of our president-elect. 

Biden’s Archetype Indicators

Biden is a unifier. He’s kind and has an authentic ability to connect with people. He tells stories to get his point across. He’s a fiercely loyal family man. He is dedicated. A lifetime politician, he stuck with one career path over a long period of time. He holds solid credentials and experience built up over decades. Biden fights for the good of all people, with a particular focus on making sure everyone has healthcare. 

He’s driven, not deterred by loss; he’s run for president three times and has demonstrated resilience, recovering from personal tragedy. He doesn’t back down in the face of an adversary. He’s been called too affectionate, too handsy. He engages in demonstrative acts of tenderness with his wife and family in public.


How to know what President Biden will do

The president-elect’s nature reveals an empathetic man guided by an innate desire to create unity, build relationships and instill stability.  This helps us know what President Biden will do when he is president.

He is committed and loyal and up to any challenge. He’s a peacemaker who will build a solid and dependable team around him, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. When called upon, he acts decisively, taking the initiative to right wrongs, especially in situations that create disparity among people. He’s not likely to stand on principle, or make decisions just because things have “always been done that way.”

Biden can experience stress states of overwhelm, worry, indecision and frustration in certain situations. These states are triggered by archetype-based fears that include too much change too fast, abandonment, not being needed, not fitting in and not being able to please everyone.

Stressed Earth / Woods with low Metal in a crisis who are feeling insecure and maladaptive will have a hard time making decisions. They’ll be pushy and jump quickly into frustration. They will over care about people and their problems and have a hard time setting appropriate boundaries.

To remain resilient in the face of a challenge, Biden’s cabinet will need to provide specific support. His advisors will help Biden return to a calm state by showing him gratitude and respect. They will empower his strength states by being stable and predictable in behavior. Biden will be at his best if his staffers keep him well prepared, organized and structured. Visuals like charts and maps help him not get too bogged down and stuck in details. He’ll also thrive within a team that adheres to well-defined job descriptions. (Pick me! 😉

Your Bias Explained

Whatever your attitude toward Biden, there’s a deeper force than party lines, conspiracy theories and Twitter rants that feeds your opinion. When you grasp this level of self-awareness your entire experience of life will become enriched. This force is your innate, nature-based tendency toward Earth / Wood types with low Metal. 

Each of the archetypes has a very particular way they respond in relationship to the others. Know your natural tendency toward others and you navigate every interaction better. Take the assessment. Find the archetype you scored highest and identify your natural attitude toward Biden in the chart below.

  • Wood: You might think Biden is too soft, not taking a decisive stance one way or another and trying to please too many people.
  • Fire: You might really like Biden’s wide smile and kind eyes and how he takes time to connect with people. You may believe that he worries too much sometimes.
  • Earth: You will mostly feel an affinity to Biden, but may wish he had more reliable boundaries with people.
  • Metal: You will usually feel good about Biden. Sometimes you may criticize him as being indecisive, wishy washy and needy. You’ll be disappointed when you think he’s being too affectionate.
  • Water: You will appreciate that he sticks to his promises, but you may find over time you grow weary thinking he talks too much. You’ll want him to be more self-sufficient and insightful.


Bottom Line Biden

The more you feel self-confident and self-aware, the more empathetic you will be of the diverse ways others engage in the world. In this case – you’ll be more understanding of why you may react in a stressful way to Biden.

I invite you to work on you. Learn to reduce the stress you produce around your opinion of others and transmute that energy instead into something that creates positivity in your own life. Join a cause, write a letter, attend a class – or blow off your whole to-do list and go dance around your house with wild unabashed abandon and enjoy your life. I know that’s what I’m gonna do.