101- Introduction Archetypes

Five Archetypes 101: Know yourself, transform relationships

This is the start of a wonderful process of growth to improve your life and relationships. I encourage you to delve deeper.

Welcome to the Five Archetypes community. I’m Carey and I’m 🔥! So if you’re like me, you know this site is a big deal! 

I’m trying to give into my Earth a little bit here to make sure you all get everything you need to grow and thrive on this journey. 

This is the start of a wonderful process of growth to improve your life and relationships. I encourage you to delve deeper. I have tried to offer as many ways as possible to assist your self-discovery and many won’t cost you a cent. Promise.

So what’s next with The Five Archetypes

  1. If you haven’t yet taken our free assessment, do so now! Click here. In about 10 minutes you’ll learn your primary Archetype and get a sense of how the others connect. You’ll be sent more information about each type and what it means. You’ll start to connect to much of our free and actionable content to help you better understand your true nature.
  2. Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook. We often add visuals and posts that will deepen your understanding of your type (and the type of those closest to you, like co-workers, significant others and family members. More on that in just a sec!). This is a great place to dialogue with others on this journey in the comments section. Share your insights, ask your questions, let’s continue the conversation. Our community can offer such great information with each other and learn from each other’s perspectives. This is all free! Yay! 
  3. Yes, I wrote a book and yes, I wouldn’t be the least be offended if you bought it! It’s the cheapest and easiest way to personalize your journey and go deeper with how to apply the new insights you’ve learned about your true personality archetype. It’s only a click, the cost of lunch. I’m so thrilled about how much we got into this book to offer readers the chance to take their journey to a much deeper level.
  4. Another freebie! No 💰needed. Get others to join you on this dive into self-discovery. Click here and we’ll send them an invite to take the assessment. The Five Archetypes is about deepening relationships. How much more effective is it if those closest to you also understand themselves and you both (all) learn how you interact with each other? I’m not overstating it to say the Five Archetypes can immediately transform your relationships. I know this because I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who report eye-opening and relationship-changing differences after our first meeting. 
  5. Finally, most importantly perhaps, you can book a consultation directly with me online or in person. Remember the old saying, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’? Stop the cycle. One meeting and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Click here. I can’t wait to talk to you. 

I love to have fun. (I’m 🔥after all!) The personal journey of self-discovery is not an easy one, but it’s way easier if we have some fun along the way. I’m thrilled you’re here. Drop me a line any time.