Raise your hand if you feel stuck

Do you feel stuck? Mmm.  I thought so.  

That’s usually the first thing CEOs tell me when I ask why they’ve come to see me. No matter what’s at the core of the problem, the person sitting before me feels indelibly and relentlessly stuck.  And 100% of the time, the issue has roots in miscommunication and relationship troubles. Unfortunately, by the time my client sits with me wringing their hands and feeling hopeless, the problem has become so gnarled and multifaceted that it’s sometimes hard to decipher how they arrived at this point in the first place.  

When you feel stuck, getting unstuck often requires help. Not getting help will keep you stuck!

Founders, Partners, CEOs and HR Gurus seek me out when they’ve run out of patience and feel they’ve run out of options.  Inside, I wish for them that they’d come to see me sooner, but I also believe there’s a reason and a time for everything. Perhaps they’ll appreciate our work together that much more having experienced the frustration of losing precious time and resources on solutions that didn’t deliver.  

Why do we hold on to stress, pain, confusion, and then hold back on communication for so long that when we finally do take action we incinerate entire businesses and relationships? It’s almost as if we create an explosion by way of absorbing and not transforming thoughts and ruminations into knowledge for so long that they become toxic – destroying us and those in our environment. Like a bomb. And then we all ache from the aftershocks for … lifetimes even.

There’s a hierarchy of healing or success-building. Learning “life lessons” doesn’t have to be a never-ending series of crash and burns that are making you feel stuck. We don’t need to have experienced near-death a thousand times, or to brandish our battle scars to become a guru, or a business icon. 

Seriously. It’s about learning how to spend our precious time and money more effectively.

We just need to follow three steps when you feel stuck:

  1. Understand: Open up, take a look at the guts / the inventory / who are we as individuals and as a team – and then understand ourselves and our needs
  2. Integrate: Build your custom personalized map. What does your voyage look like and how long will it take. Does it include consulting, on boarding, recruiting, wellness programming, workshops?
  3. Amplify: Keep it going. Teach others. Become a leader who demonstrates authentic relationships by setting an example.  YOU. GOT. THIS.  Build and implement a plan for reinforcement and resilience over the long haul and show your team this outstanding standard that delivers consistent results.

Let me help you and your team to get out of “we feel stuck” mode.-Your team will feel better, and your business will thrive.