Healing And Care In A Pandemic—Energy Work And Ayurveda

Energy work and Ayurveda can help us maintain a sense of peace in these troubled pandemic times. These ancient alternative healing practices bring balance back to us to restore us back to health.

At its core, Ayurveda is about achieving and maintaining a calm, peaceful and patient vibration in your cells. In such a state, toxic thoughts and food can’t stick. We metabolize them, we transform them. We transform food into energy and information into knowledge.  

Can you imagine always feeling like your food nurtures you—you didn’t eat too much, you didn’t forget to eat and become too hungry, you have enough nutrients to give your body the energy it needs to do the work of keeping you moving? Can you fathom a day where you don’t hold on to emotional unrest and instead of reacting to stress triggers, you observe them, evaluate them, understand them and grow from them? Huh… sounds good to me.

Ayurveda is a system of well being that teaches us lifestyle behaviors to achieve this balanced state. Pre-COVID19 I helped people fast track this vibrational state with customized vibroacoustics at Tournesol, but now that we’re not going into the office my work revolves around Five Archetypes which teaches people the personalized skills to transform information into knowledge, and distance Reiki to help people have a sense of calm around the process of growth through challenging times.

Even if you’re not certified in Reiki, you can perform energy healing support for yourself, your loved ones and the greater community. We learned in our Ayurvedic certification course that imparting energy support can be done by anyone. It just requires a little focus. You need to do these in order:

  • Calm your mind – close your eyes and exhale a few times to bring yourself to an open hearted state
  • Get clear about your intention – focus on why you’re doing this right now. Imagine gathering and channeling pure and unconditional love from the atmosphere around you, from God, from whatever you believe in as holy and sacred. Then channel it in your mind’s eye to the person who needs your help at that moment. You can even visualize a stream of light coming in through the top of your head and out your hands, landing and being absorbed by the person on whom you’re focused
  • Stay – stay focused on your person for a period of time that feels right. Pay attention to subtle clues inside you and from your subject, you’ll know when it’s time to step back. For me I usually help someone from between 3 minutes to 60 minutes. Some people are in my focus on consecutive nights or weeks if they need prolonged support.

This is a really gentle process. I sometimes liken it to prayer or listening with warmth to someone who needs to be heard. For me Energy work and Ayurveda is pure love. Unconditional love. Because it doesn’t matter what the person does with the energy. It doesn’t matter what they feel or don’t. To me it’s good intentions. It’s putting calm out into a world that needs it. If I can help bring calm to one person, that person in turn can emanate that calm energy out into his way of being with his friends, family and co-workers. I’ve created a new path of peace.